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Recovery Precinct is an investigative and consulting firm specialized in tracking down scammers and recovering funds lost to fraud syndicates via whichever means or medium.

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You can be rest assured knowing that we have years of experience dealing with online financial and cyber fraud.

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Recovery Precinct is a consulting firm that specializes in the recovery of assets from financial fraud. Focusing on Binary Options, Crypto Currencies, CFD’S and Forex scams, we have collection the biggest database on all scam broker internet protocal. The magnitude of this type of financial fraud is bigger than most people know.

There are millions of victims every single year throughout the world. We have helped thousands of scam victims from around the world to recover their funds. We know how to recover your fund.

We are true to ourselves, and committed to always perform at our best.

Questions and Answers

General FAQs

These are some of the most asked questions from our customers.

  • Who are we?

    A United States based company striving to recover money from fraudulent companies.

  • What we want?

    To provide consumers with a proven way to fight back to recover their money after being scammed, lied to or had their information compromised. Even with disputable cases, we are here to give a closure and lend an ear to the people that need it.

  • What we do?

    We are a team of professionals with vast working knowledge of chargebacks ,wire recalls and tracking fraudulent companies. We leverage our experience to present your case effectively and professionally to your bank in order to maximize your chances to recover your funds or prevent you from starting to trade with a fraudulent company in the first place.

  • Can I do this myself?

    Yesbut when disputing a fraudulent transact with the bank, you want to do it right the first time. Not giving the right information, not using language your bank will understand or not completing the procedure fully will reduce your chances significantly. If you still wish to go through with a second attempt we can advise you if it’s worth doing. We will use professional techniques, expertise and most importantly, a language your bank will understand. If needed, we will use a language the scam brokerage will understand. This is to ensure that we actualize your dreams of recovery.

  • What are my limitations?

    You may have more time than you think, or even more than your bank thinks. A request for a fraud-related chargeback for a credit card transaction using Visa® or Mastercard® has to be made within 60, 90 or 120 days, depending on certain factors. But a request for a service-related chargeback, such as those we handle for binary options and forex scams can be filed as many as 540 days from the transaction date. A request for a wire transfer recall may be filed up to either 540 days or two years after the payment date, depending on certain factors.

  • Is it possible to do a recall even though I authorized the transaction?

    Yes, if the payment you authorized was for a specified service that wasn’t provided.

  • Will Doing This Affect My Relationship With My Bank?

    No, not at all. Banks have specific departments who deal with such cases on a daily basis.

  • How much will this cost?

    That depends on the size of your claim. We offer our clients chargeback and wire recall programs for transactions of $1,000 (or the equivalent in other currencies) and above. Both require an initial retainer covering documentation and discussions with your bank and a success fee that we invoice only after you recover your money.

  • Could this be a waste of time and money?

    Recovery Precinct do not take cases that they do not believe they can win. If your case presents obstacles and problems, we will assess them and inform you before any payments are made. We understand your situation and all information will be kept confidential.

  • Why Is a Wire Transfer Different To a Card Payment?

    Unlike cards, wire transfers are not subject to the same rules and regulations, for this reason we use a procedure called a wire recall.

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